1. What Really Interests You?:  Everyone has interests...Whether it be stars or plants, water or storms, pick a project that will keep you interested and wanting to learn more. Put your heart into your work, judges can tell.  So make sure you choose a project you really like. You'll be amazed at how much you will remember when you choose a subject you are interested in.Science Projects

2. Know the Rules of the Science Fair:  There are usually five different kinds of science projects.  Make sure your project is the correct type for your school science fair. Most fairs want you to do an experiment, which means your project must follow the scientific method. Make sure you don't turn your project into a demonstration or a model if these are not allowed.

Include each required part of the science project. Most judges want to see a materials list and the steps you took for your project. Keep a log or a journal. Show your findings on a chart and graph. Don't leave anything out!

3. Make Your Project Board Attractive, Neat and Unique:  Your display should be easy to read, organized and colorful.  Use big fonts, bullet points or numbers, and borders around text and pictures. Be neat! Use glue instead of tape, and make sure your cutting is even.

4. Be Unique and Stand Out!:  A cool title will attract the attention of judges. For example; use toilet paper and called it "A Straight Flush". Another example is; if your working on vitamin C - backed the board with great big pictures of fruit, then used coordinating paper for your information. Or use toy cars and included the race track and cars. Include something that makes your project stand out from all the others in the science fair.